Personal Mission Statement

As a professional musician I am committed to performing music that promotes messages of beauty and unity, and to nurturing young students to discover their musical identity.

As a private teacher I strive to adapt to each student’s personality and I push myself to approach concepts and repertoire according to the student’s need. I pride myself on exploring musical topics with my students not only from a technical view, but also how their own interpretation fits into the larger perspective of individual expression. Preparation is to be expected not only from the student, but also from myself, and to find motivating and inspiring methods for each student.

As a chamber coach I emphasize concepts of cooperation and personal preparation, as well as the ability to clearly communicate one’s idea. Chamber music is an essential part of any performer’s career because it promotes concern for others and stimulates personal growth.

As a performer music provides me self-fulfillment, but more importantly it allows me to communicate in ways where words do not suffice. I am also a strong advocate of contemporary music and promoting musicians of all kinds to perform new music – this will sustain our art for future generations. I strive to strike a balance in my performing career and teaching career, as I believe both are dependent on one another.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching is based on the Suzuki Philosophy where I believe that a person can learn at any age. As students progress, I supplement the Suzuki repertoire with technical and skill building material, and I place an emphasis in my preparing my private students in note-reading. I also believe music theory should be incorporated into each stage of learning. I encourage my students to grow not only through lessons, but also in group classes, performances, workshops, and masterclasses. I like to provide students and parents with the information that I feel will help them not only in cello, but also other facets of life.