The Suzuki Method

It is necessary to be concerned about the importance of educating a really beautiful human spirit.
— Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Every Child Can Learn

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki related learning an instrument to the process of a child learning a language. The Suzuki Method evokes natural learning processes that can be utilized at any educational stage. The 6-hour introductory Suzuki course Every Child Can! explore the method's principles.

Parent Involvement

Parents of younger students are home teachers because they reinforce the lesson. "The Suzuki Triangle" is an equal relationship between teacher, student, and parent. Engaged parents are critical to any learning process.


Listening is an essential component of learning just as learning a language for the first time.


Repetition internalizes not only musical concepts, but can also be applicable to other academic subjects. The goal is to use previously learned material in new ways to add to the musician's vocabulary.

Group Classes

Group classes provide the opportunity for students to be motivated by one another, as well as to learn from each other. 


Learning a new instrument should be fostered with praise and a positive environment. Each musician is different and this diversity should be cultivated through uplifting learning from the teacher, parent, and community.

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